GANKification = improvised skronk with whacked spoken word

Gank’s sound gleefully combines avant space noise, improvisation, progressive rock, sampling, electronic effects, fusion, social satire, and spoken word. It’s a improvised soundtrack to Mike Walsh’s tales of paranoia, monsters, the apocalyse, and true love among those who would be called freaks.

Gank was together in 2003 and 2004 and played many gigs in and around Philadelphia.

Woz-synth, electronics, accordion, flute
Woz has been a pioneer in the Philadelphia experimental music scene since the '70s, creating music for dance, film, and radio. Woz also plays with Tribal Belly Dance, Batukis (Brazilian acoustic), and the Edge City Collective. You can hear Woz in the film Routes, which was recently shot in Wilmington.

Ken Spector-bass
Bassist Ken Spector has been in many Philadelphia-area bands--Continuum, Living Wreck, Culture Freaks, 3 Minute Egg, Aardvark, Low Tar, and Little Miss Houdini Shoes. He is also a member of Marrow. He studied music at Temple University.

Will Monson-percussion
Will Monson has been playing drums for nearly 30 years. He has played in various bands, including Ken Thompson, various jazz studio projects, and fusion/world music with Woz. Besides Gank, he is currently playing in the experimental group Accidents Will Happen.

Mike Walsh-vocal stylings
Mike is a widely-published freelance writer and a performance artist. He has been in several bands, including the Bug Eaters, produced numerous multimedia performances of his short stories, and directed several of his plays at the Philly Fringe Festival. He is the proprietor of

Hugh Wattles-sax, flute, backing vocals
Hugh has been in numerous bands since the 80's, including Edge City Collective, Stainless Steal, Orango Tango, Lick the Earth, and New Tooth. He also plays acoustic blues guitar and has twin 9 year old daughters, to whom he dedicates his music.


mp3's recorded live at
la tazza on 1.9.04 in philadelphia.
with will monson on drums and hugh wattles on sax and flute

The Appliances
(5:28 min/3.76 mb)

Monkey Man
(4:28 min/3.1 mb)

Eat the Dead
(6:10 min/4.25 mb)

Someone Let the Demons Out Today
(3:51 min/4.16 mb)

mp3's from spring 03
with bruce panula on drums

Fat John's Party
(2:53 min/2.66 mb)

Are Ya With Me, Brethren?
(5:02 min/2.84 mb)

Thanks for Your Cooperation
(5:31 min/5 mb)

(4:49 min/4.4 mb)

Mary remix
Real Audio | mp3 download
by Fraz the Remixer

All songs © 2003 and 2004

Where's Woz
Mike Walsh's MouthWash

Gank played at these locations in the Philadelphia area:

Mill Creek Tavern, West Philly
East End, Newark, DE
Barn Door, Wilnington, DE
The Rotunda, West Philadlpha
La Tazza, Old City, Philadelphia
LaSalle University Populi art auction/benefit, Old City, Philly.
Grape Street Pub, Manayunk.
Silk City, Philadelphia
Philadephia Fringe Festival.
Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia