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Midget Troupe, 1925

Troupe of performing midgets, 1925

Troupe of Midget Performers
real photograph postcard, 3.25 x 5.5 inches, 1925
photographer: unknown

Here we have another group of little people gathered into a performing troupe like the Zeynard company (to be seen here). I'm not entirely certain, but this may be Ritter's Midgets, as several of those depicted here at one time appeared under that name. One presumes these four men and three women performed any number of variety entertainments, such as presented by the Tiny Town Review (described here).

These little people are helpfully arranged in boy-girl-boy-girl fashion, and according to height. Sadly, they all seem to be incapable of smiling especially the fellow at left, who looks exceedingly pissed off.

According to a note penned on the back of this postcard, this troupe appeared at the Regina Fair in 1925.

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