Bonnie Lasses by Tina Newberry

The Philadelphia Inquirer: "Tina Newberry's painting is autobiographical, but it looks inward. She's a traditional figure painter who casts herself pictorially in a variety of roles... These include being a professional golfer, a competent musician, and a goat herder.

"Many of her paintings involve her reflections on her Scots ancestry. She presents herself wearing tams and tartans, sanding in front of an elaborate family tree or standing nude on a length of plaid cloth. The paintings in which Newberry appears nude or partially so are symbolic reveries. They're often leavened with sly humor.

"Self-deprecating humor is always attractive, but in these quietly beautiful little paintings the joke is on all of us. Newberry is not just herself but Everywoman and man who daydreams of being someone or someplace else. By exposing herself and her obsessions, Newberry makes her audience feel equally naked."

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Hell Cat, 13" x 10", 2000
Pegasus Bill, 16" x 8", 1999
Baa Baa Doo, 18" x 18", 1999
Jerry, 14" x 10", 1999
Eating Machine, 7" x 14", 1999
South Pole, 14" x 14", 1997

Delusions of Grandeur

Epaulettes, 12" x 12", 2005
Shiloh Descendant, 20" x 12", 2005
L'il Patriot, 12" x 12", 2005
L'il Gunfite (Clint and Barney), 16" x 22", 2005
Decorée, 12" x 9", 2002
Li'l Traveller, 16" x 16", 2002
Hardee Ha Ha Ha Head, 12" x 10", 2002
Highland Lassie, 16" x 8", 1997
Scottish Blueblood, 8" x 6", 1997



Grey Ghost, 14" x 18", 2005
L'il Deacon, 14" x 10", 2005
L'il Rebel, 20" x 15.5", 2005
Lost Soul, 2002, 14" x 10"
Cookie Heiress, 10" x 14", 1999
Mrs. Keith Richards, 16" x 8", 1999
Big Plans, 12" x 16", 1999
Venus of St. Andrews, 16" x 10", 1997
Queen for a Day, 14" x 14", 1996
Hybridizer, 14" x 14", 1995


Sorry Sights

Branded, 20" x 10", 2005
Boo Hoo, 10" x 15", 2005
Hour Glass Figure, 18" x 11", 2002
Inspector General, 11" x 10", 2002
Dress-Ups, 17" x 10", 1997
Triceps, 12" x 10", 1997
Agnes Irwin, 14" x 10", 1996
Devoteé, 14" x 10", 1996


Sitting Duck, 11" x 11", 2005
L'il Andersonville, 14.5" x 14.5", 2005
Help, 11" x 11", 2005
Brother vs. Brother, 15" x 20", 2002
Kaboom, 14" x 12", 2002
Untitled (the Diver), 14" x 12", 2000
St. Girlfriend, 14" x 14", 2000
Terminatrix Herbiferi Scotia, 18" x 10", 2000
Family Tree, 18" x 10", 1999
Gallery Girl, 14" x 10", 1999
Stanwell Perpetual, 16" x 8", 1997
40, 22" x 10", 1995

Tina Newberry: I live in South Philly and used to be young, sporty, and lively. Now I'm old, decrepit, and complain a lot.

I got an art education at various places and wound up in South Philly. I teach at local schools and shop at the Acme. I paint in my spare time while watching TV.

After an expensive and extensive art education, I became a cleaning lady. This helped me hone my skills with sweeping strokes. None of which are actually in my paintings. It's the thought that counts.

My inspiration to become a painter rose out of voracious jealousy and covetousness of other people's artistic achievements. Actually, the same can be said for my inspiration in all other aspects of my life. In my paintings, I can live a very vibrant, satisfying life, finally becoming a PGA champion or a Venus. This is also a life of no shame, where plaids don't clash and who cares about the flab pushing up and over the waistband, elastic or otherwise.

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