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Ruining It for Everybody, Jim's thrid memoir. "Whenever I hear the word 'spiritual,' I reach for my revolver."

What makes this book enjoyable is not Knipfel's false opinion of just being "a simple... man with psychological and neurological problems," but rather the author's triumph in the face of often overwhelming health challenges. Witty, irreverent and full of black humor, this is a memoir of a troubled, talented soul who can laugh at himself while refusing to throw in the towel on life. -- Publishers Weekly

The Buzzing is a novel about an aging, embittered journalist who stumbles onto what may (or may not) be the story of a lifetime.
Reviews: NYTimes, Charlotte Observer, Hackwriters.com, Rocky Mountain News, LAWeekly.

"The Balzac of the bin is at it again. With his paranoid Valentine to New York... Mr. Knipfel now brings to fiction the welcome gifts which distinguished his previous books--the authenticity, the narrative exuberance, the integrity of his cheerfully undeluded American voice." -- Thomas Pynchon

Quitting the Nairobi Trio is the memoir of a 6-month incarceration in a locked Minneapolis psych ward after a failed suicide attempt. Available in hardback or trade paperback.

Slackjaw, Jim Knipfel's first book, is available in hardback or paperback.
Also available, Blindfisch, the German translation.

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