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Victorian Cigarette Card: Barnum's Freaks



Ogden's Cigarettes card, No. 74: Some of Barnum's Freaks
real photograph trading card, slightly less than 2.5 x 1.5 inches, circa 1890
descriptive text printed on reverse
photographer: unknown

This tiny card was a novelty collectible item issued to buyers of Ogden's Cigarettes, an English brand. The front of the card features the company's brand name with a small photograph of six performers (seven, if you count the dog) and the caption "74. Some of Barnum's Freaks."

On the reverse, the following text is printed:


Contain Photos of

Some of Barnum's Freaks, Bearded Lady.
Tattooed Lady, Giantess, Giant, Tattooed Man and Shock-headed Negress

This Series contains 120 different Subjects.

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