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The Bathers Lady Anne The Marriage of Emmitt the Alligator-Skinned Man and Percilla the Monkey-Girl
sold sold

A Pinhead for H.H. The Seamstress Dutch Still Life with Prince Nicholai
sold sold sold

Twins for the Master of the Parrot The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal by Candlelight Doña Lucia Zarate
sold sold

Francesco Lentini as a Lutenist The Horned Man of China The Masters Tocci
sold sold sold

Midway Rubenesque Myrtle Corbin at the Moulin Rouge The Nova Scotia Giantess and the Lilliputian King

Olympia (Betty Lou Williams) Portrait of Lazarus and Joannes Baptista Colloredo Ritratto di Annie Jones

The Woman with the Fegee Mermaid Andre Rousimoff in the Guise of Saint Christopher The Bohemian Sisters

Cupid and the Half-and-Half The Elephant-Skinned Boy Triumphant Koo-Koo of Ringling

Portrait of an Amateur Pathologist Portrait of an Elastic-Skinned Gentleman Portrait of Laloo
sold sold

Portrait of a Man with a Parasitic Twin Princess Wee Wee Riding a Hound The Proportions of Joseph Merrick (Recto)

The Showman and His Museum The Two-headed Mexican (Pasqual Pinon) Portrait of a Thrice-thumbed Man

Infanta Esau David Hoag (The Man Born Without a Chin) Portrait of Frieda Pushnik and a Patron at a Casement

Portrait of a Big-fingered Boy Three-eyed Man and Child The Whiskey Drinker (Irish Giant)

The Wild Man Tending His Flock Midget Fat Lady with a Parrot The Lady with the Two-headed Kitten

Happy Jack Eckert as Drunken Silenus Japanese Women with Chrysanthemums Portrait of Dudly Foster and his Family

Portrait of a Seal-limbed Woman (probably Sadie Slitz) Arrangement in Grey and Size 30 Shoes: Portrait of Fanny Mills, the Ohio Big Foot Girl Young Lady with a Parasitic Twin Wearing a Mantilla and Basquiña

J. R. Bass, the Ossified Man more to come...

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