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Mr. Charles Decker

Mr. Charles Decker

Mr. Charles Decker
carte de visite, 4 x 2.5 inches, date unknown
photographer: unknown

This dapper gentleman claimed to be 31 inches tall and weigh only 45 pounds. In this picture, Mr. Charles Decker appears unusual for a performer of his stature in that he claimed no military title for himself. It was rather common for dwarfs of this era to be exhibited with names such as Admiral Dot or Major Mite, which followed in the rich tradition established by the glorious General Tom Thumb. Victorians couldn’t get enough of the joke, but Mr. Decker appears (at least in this incarnation) to have opted out of it.

One should like to congratulate Mr. Decker for standing apart from the self-aggrandizing crowd; however, author Marc Hartzman informs me that Mr. Decker did buckle to peer pressure and appeared at various times as either Major or General Charles Decker.

Oh, Charles, I am disappointed. If all the other little people jumped off a bridge would you do that, too? Hmmm? Hmmm?!

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