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Mr. and Mrs. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Reed
carte de visite, 4 x 2.5 inches, circa 1875
signed in pencil on the obverse “Mr. & Mrs. Reed”, and on the reverse, stamped with photographer’s logo and signed in pencil “Mr. & Mrs. Reed 26 years/33 inch… 34 lbs”
photographer: Lord’s Gallery, R. S. Reynolds, Successor, 164 Chatham Street, New York

In this photograph a very pretty dwarf lady poses with her husband. I don’t know anything more about this couple, but I presume the inclusion of Mr. Reed in this portrait was partly for the sake of scale and partly to demonstrate that despite her stature Mrs. Reed had found love with a normal-sized man — as if such a state of affairs was/is all that unusual.

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