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Dudly Foster

Dudly Foster and his parents

Dudly Foster and His Parents
carte de visite, 4.25 x 2.5 inches, circa 1880
photographer: Chas. Eisenmann

Although there is no caption on this card to indicate the identity of this little person, I am fairly certain this is a portrait of Dudly Foster.

Young master Foster began his career in sideshow very early. At the tender age of fours years, wee Dudly was advertised as weighing a mere five pounds, and if the the photographs can be believed at that time he stood only about twenty-four inches tall. In photographs, Foster always appears with his parents, whom I suspect were rather pleased that their unusual boy provided them with such a ready source of income. Judging by his size, it would appear that Dudly Foster was a primordial dwarf.

My tribute to Dudly Foster and his parents may be seen here.

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