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Little People

The Doll Family

General Tom Thumb
Mr. Charles Decker
Dolletta, World's Smallest Mother
The Wild Men of Borneo
Henriette Moretz
Major Mite
Mr. & Mrs. Reed
Princess Tiny
Princess Wee Wee
Tiny Town Review
The Doll Family
Two Unknown Little People
Little Miracle Town
Zeynard's Liliput-Speciality Troupe
Little Dancer:
Jeane La Barbera and Robert Drake
Mignon, the Penguin Girl
Major & Mrs. George Washington Winner
Dudly Foster
Midget Troupe, 1925
Little Man with Elephant
Admiral Dot,
The El Dorado Elf
The Three Del Rios
The Little Russian Prince
Baron Capitan
Nicu de Barcsy
The Filipino Midgets
The Turkish Tom Thumb

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