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Prodigies: Drawings of Anomalous Humans
by James G. Mundie


The introduction page was designed by to look like a Victorian-era circus or dime museum poster. This theme is continued throughout the rest of the site.

From this page, one may travel to any of the following sections:

Site Map


The Artist

Information about artist James G. Mundie, including a brief biography and an introductory statement about his Prodigies series. This page also links to an expanded curriculum vitae.

Reviewer's Comments

A selection of published reviewers' comments about exhibitions of James Mundie's Prodigies series. Included are excerpts from the Woodmere Art Museum's exhibition catalogue, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Weekly, and more.


Introducing a Wonder of the Age: Prodigies — brought forth for your Edification and Amusement from the hand of James G. Mundie. This Congress of Oddities awaits your intimate and learned inspection!

This is where the freakshow and art history meet. The original pen and ink drawings from James Mundie's acclaimed series Prodigies are found here (new drawings added periodically):

The Bathers - the original Siamese Twins, Chang and Eng Bunker
Lady Anne - Henry VIII's second queen, rumored to be a bit out of the ordinary
The Marriage of Emmitt the Alligator-skinned Man and Percilla the Monkey-girl - The World's Strangest Married Couple
A Pinhead for H. H. - a happy microcephalic
The Seamstress - a bearded lady with nimble fingers
Dutch Still Life with Prince Nicholai - The world's tiniest man observes a feast
Twins for the Master of the Parrot - forever joined by a band of flesh
The Two-headed Boy of Bengal by Candlelight
Doña Lucia Zarate - the world's tiniest woman
Francisco Lentini as a Lutenist - The King of the Freaks
The Horned Man of China - The Human Unicorn
The Masters Tocci - The Italian Two-headed Boy
Midway Rubenesque - "Six men to hug her, and a boxcar to lug her..."
Myrtle Corbin at the Moulin Rouge - the acclaimed Four-legged Woman kicks up her heels
The Nova Scotia Giantess and the Lilliputian King - a study in the tall and small
Olympia (Betty Lou Williams)
Portrait of Lazarus and Joannes Baptista Colloredo - beloved by the Crowned Heads of Europe
Ritratto di Annie Jones - hirsute Pre-Raphaelite beauty
The Woman with the Fegee Mermaid - half woman, half fish
Andre Rousimoff in the Guise of Saint Christopher - Andre the (holy) Giant
The Bohemian Sisters - Rosa and Josefa Blazek, conjoined sisters
Cupid and the Half-and-half - an amorous hermaphrodite
The Elephant-skinned Boy Triumphant
Koo-Koo of Ringling - The Bird Girl
Portrait of an Amateur Pathologist
Portrait of an Elastic-skinned Gentleman - the Rubber Man
Portrait of Laloo - Double-bodied Enigma
Portrait of a Man with a Parasitic Twin
Princess Wee Wee Riding a Hound
The Proportions of Joseph Merrick (Recto) - remains of the Elephant Man
The Showman and His Museum - P. T. Barnum, prince of humbug and wonder
The Two-headed Mexican (Pasqual Pinon)
Portrait of a Thrice-thumbed Man
Infanta Esau - the Hairy Girl
David Hoag (The Man Born Without a Chin)
Portrait of Frieda Pushnik and a Patron at a Casement
Portrait of a Big-fingered Boy
Three-eyed Man and Child
The Whiskey Drinker (Irish Giant)
The Wild Man Tending His Flock
NEW: Midget Fat Lady with a Parrot
NEW: The Lady with the Two-faced Kitten
NEW: Happy Jack Eckert as Drunken Silenus
NEW: Japanese Women with Chrysanthemums
NEW: Potrait of Dudly Foster and His Family
NEW: Portrait of a Seal-limbed Woman (probably Sadie Slitz)
NEW: Arrangement in Grey and Size 30 Shoes: Portrait of Fanny Mills, the Ohio Big Foot Girl
NEW: Young Lady with a Parasitic Twin Wearing a Mantilla and Basquiña
NEW: J. R. Bass, the Ossified Man

Sideshow Ephemera Gallery

In this section, one will find items from James Mundie's personal collection of historical sideshow artifacts, including original pitchcard photographs with biographical notes on the performers depicted:

Conjoined Twins - Chang and Eng, the Tocci Brothers, and more
Bearded Ladies -
Albinos -
Little People -
General Tom Thumb - the little man who created several fortunes for P.T. Barnum
Mr. Charles Decker
Dolletta, World's Smallest Mother
The Wild Men of Borneo - Waino and Plutano
Henriette Moretz
Major Mite
Mr. & Mrs. Reed
H.R.H. Princess Tiny
H.R.H. Princess Wee Wee
Tiny Town Revue - a stage spectacular in miniature
The Doll Family - Harry, Grace, Tiny and Daisy: "Motion Picture Midgets"
Two Unknown Little People
Little Miracle Town
Zeynard's Liliput-Speciality Troupe
Unknown Little Dancer
Mignon, The Penguin Girl
Major & Mrs. George Washington Winner
Dudly Foster
Midget Troupe, 1925
Little Man with Elephant
Misc. Little People - stilts, fat men, and more
Admiral Dot, The El Dorado Elf
The Three Del Rios
NEW: Nicoli, the Little Russian Prince
NEW: Baron Capitan Nicu de Barcsy
NEW: The Filipino Midgets
NEW: The Turkish Tom Thumb
Circassian Beauties - exotic and titilating
How I Became the Tatoo Queen - original pitch pamphlet
Curiosities of Human Nature - 1849 - excerpts from a classic biography of unusual people
1934 World's Fair - A Century of Progress in Chicago
Eli Bowen, the Legless Acrobat
Living Skeletons and Fat People - the extremes of the human physique
The Life Story of Francesco Lentini - The Man with Three Legs, King of the Freaks
A Victorian Cigarette Card - some of Barnum's freaks
Giants - Al Tomaini, Johann Petersen, and more
Sealo, the Seal Boy - "Wishing you the best in your coming years..."
Sells-Floto Circus - 1930 - Koo-Koo the Bird Girl and Frances O'Connor, Armless Wonder, on the bally
The Boston Museum - 1850 - a newspaper advert from The Barre Patriot
Lowell Mason - The Singing Midget - World's Smallest Gospel Singer
Ray R. Myers - The Armless Musician - The Armless Wonder
Martin Laurello - The Revolving Man
Frieda Pushnik - Armless and Legless Wonder Girl
The Great Omi - The Zebra Man
Percilla Bejano - The Monkey Girl
Frances O'Connor - The Living Venus de Milo
NEW: Bill Durks - The Three-eyed Man
NEW: Clico - Wild Dancing South African Bushman
NEW: John Williams - The Human Alligator

coming soon: Strange Animals, and more......

Available Works by James G. Mundie for Sale

Have a burning desire to own some of James Mundie's art work for yourself? Items available for purchase are listed here.

Recommended Reading

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Guest Book

Sign James Mundie's guest book, and read previous visitors' comments.


James Mundie welcomes questions about works available for sale, exhibition, or publication. Contact information is found here.


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